£80-100, Islay

Ardbog – Feis Ile 2013 Bottling


Colour: Dark Gold

Nose: Take you straight to Islay with smoking embers on Port Ellen beach with a huge peated wiff. A slight tinge of wet paint sits in behind the fire filled smoke.

Taste: Again extremely peated (although not as much as other Ardbeg) which packs heat which is warming like a good Scottish sunny day sighting by the sea. Surprisingly has slowly developing sweetness but not sugary – more Coke Zero than the red can – that take off the harsh edge of the peat.

Finish: The finish is long lingering and very warming. Pretty dry almost wine like but is very enjoyable on a sunny day.

Price: Originally £80, but quick to sell out so expect to pay at least £100 from traders and auctions. When the very nice – and similar – Ardbeg Uigeadail can be sourced for £50 the extra price is questionable. Nevertheless for a one off very enjoyable.


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