£30-40, Blends

Johnnie Walker Double Black

jw double black
Colour: Dark Toffee

Nose: A cleaning lady let loose in your local library – lots of TCP in there with the oakness of bookshelf and the smell of old books, you know the ones you find at the back of a cupboard. Also a bit of spice – peppery.

Taste: Bit like chewing on a piece of moss to begin with but develops beautifully into a prickly affair loaded with peat. There is a bit of leather in there as well as a very subtle taste of salty fish or seafood.

Finish: Extremely smooth for the initial peatiness – something rare to find in anything but the best Islay malts. Quite an uncomfortable cling to the mouth however and a strong aftertaste of brandy flavours.

Price: £32 not bad for a smooth peat dram but there are some very good malts out there that can be picked up for a similar price. Certainly worth a try, maybe a half bottle?


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