About the team


Fraser’s interest in whisky started at University when with a few like minded friends set up a whisky tasting at their local union in 2009. What started out as a small get together of fifteen enthusiasts grew to packed monthly meeting of 100 guests and was placed as a featured event in Glasgow’s West End Festival. Since leaving the campus buffs behind Fraser continues to run small tastings and trips to Scotland’s distilleries for groups of family and friends. A veteran of a number of Islay Whisky festivals Fraser considers Ardbeg and Laphroaig amongst his favourites as well as a weakness for Highland park and Tobermory.


Jo likes to keep us up to date on social media and signs us up to tastings as well as giving her own “unique” tasting notes. Jo has visited numerous distilleries across different whisky regions and considers Tobermory as one of her favourite whisky locations. Jo is passionate about trying whisky from the “new world” alternatives to Scotch and is a fan of Irish and Canadian whisky. Jo’s favourite from recent tasting is Walsh Whiskey’s Writers’ Tears.



The whisky apprentice and one of the strongest noses in the business.


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