Neat Glass

Whisky is whisky no matter what you drink it out of right? We at A Whet For Whisky have had it out of Beatles branded mugs, plastic cups and even the odd saucer.

But when it comes to drinking out a glass we thought it’s all the same. Don’t get us wrong a good nosing glass is much better than a thick tumbler. The shape made to funnel the aromas giving a greater appreciation of the nose.

When Neat Glass contacted us and said we’ve got something we’d think you’d like at first we were skeptical. Would it replace the floral shape nosing glasses filling the Whet For Whisky cabinet? Well we had to give it a go.

First impressions there is no annoying stem that frequently break on other nosing glasses. It has a slight funnel shape to collect the nose. But what’s with the wide rim all about? But then we found out after taking a quick dram of Highland Park and the legs of the malt beautifully flown down the edge of the glass round the curve of the glass.

The glass is sufficiently robust to prevent breaks without being too thick for warming and the shape of the base fits perfectly into the hand again making it easier to warm and release the flavours in your favourite dram.

Oh and yes in a braw wee wink to the home of whisky its profile resembles a thistle, national flower of Scotland. Clearly the designer has drank a great deal of the good stuff to appreciate what would make the perfect tasting glass.

We loved the new Neat Glass and would suggest you get out and try it to. After one dram in it you won’t being going back to anything else.